Sunday, September 21, 2008

Speech Topic: Creator of the Wire Tells of His Experiences

The speech I plan to cover is from creator of "The Wire," David Simon. He plans to speak at Goucher College on September 24 at 8:00 p.m. *Picture from*

As far as advance information there was not much to be found on the actual speech. The website to the event gave a general background on his life and his passions. In the article it talks about his current project, about "musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans." Also I was able to find many of his articles and blogs written about him and by him from the New Republic magazine online.

Who: Kristen Keener ( who is the media director at Goucher was kind enough to give me some information on his speech via email. Luckily for me a lot the my background information was already done, I have been an avid fan of 'The Wire' for a long time. Also his articles and interviews that have been done. One interview can be found on *Picture from*
-Why are you so drawn to the Baltimore area, in your writing and producing?
-Do you wish to change the way things are done and have been done through your writing?
-What draws you to a particular topic?
-What do you want your audience to get from your final product?
-How did you first start researching for "The Wire."
(more questions will be formed but these are the ones burning in me now.)
Additional Details:
I will look for others reactions to what he has to say. Through their body language you can pick up what is particularly interesting. I would love to know how he manages to keep such a sense of reality in his work, how he brings certain issues to the table through entertainment. I will also be looking for "why people are there." What drove them to come, what they want to know about him.

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Stacy Spaulding said...

Good speech to cover. A few notes: any biographical information you read beforehand qualifies as advance information and will help you prepare. Allow some extra time before and after the event to talk to audience members. Their feedback will be more important and interesting, actually, than the PR representative.