Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I learned a lot from this photography experience. Elements that I would never think about were foremost in my thoughts when taking a picture. Make the picture interesting through using different angles that others are not used to, we all see the world at eye level, give them something different. The second was to fill the frame when taking photos of people and use soft lighting that makes their appearance more appealing. The last was the rule of thirds, change up the horizon, don't put it in the center of the photograph. Also, don't put the main emphasis of the photo smack in the middle, make it interesting.

Members of Delta Sigma Phi, Lucas Gruber, a junior and computer information systems major at Towson University and Ryan Patterson, a senior at Towson University, rock back and forth for hours on a see saw in support of testicular cancer research. The rockin' fund raiser was put on by Delta Sigma Phi in support of testicular cancer research.

Greg Romano, chairman of Delta Sigma Phi and senior at Towson University hopes to raise $700 to 1000 for the cause. "We have breast cancer awareness month which is great but its time to have something for the gentlemen" Romano said.

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Stacy Spaulding said...

Great cutline and seesaw picture!