Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I will be covering a speech by Robert Ehrlich, former governor of Maryland on Thursday, October 30th. He will be giving the speech on what the outcome of the next election will mean for Maryland and the nation. It will take place at 7:30 at Goucher college.

1.) Previous research that I have done on former Governor Ehrlich was first of all his background and biography. He grew up in Arbutus, Maryland. He has a Lutheran background, and came from very Conservative parents. I have found that he is now serving as chair of presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain's honorary chair in Maryland. He has fully endorsed John McCain. I also looked into his policies and where he stands with certain issues.

"We need John McCain as our next commander in chief to win the war on terror. He has the experience, judgment and character to lead this nation forward. John McCain has put his country first above his own interests his whole life. We are proud to support John McCain and will work hard to help him to victory in November," Ehrlich said in an interview for the John McCain's official campaign website.

2.)My potential sources will be: former Governor Ehrlich, the other members of the audience, and those who organized the event (the transcending boundaries committee at Goucher in company with the political science dept.)

Why does he feel McCain is more prepared than Obama to take charge of this country?
How will McCain's victory directly affect Maryland or Baltimore?
He believes that John McCain has efficient plan to tackle the energy crisis, what is that plan and how does it differ from Obama's.
What does he have to say to the generation who will bear the consequences of the next administration.
4.) There will be a reception after the speech, that will be where most of the photo opportunities will take place. He plans on mingling with the students. Here I will be able to ask him for a picture, or capture certain moments with his consent.

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Stacy Spaulding said...

Wow, very exciting! Have fun with it.