Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cafe' Brings Carnivores and Vegans Together as 'One World'

Towerlight columnist and dedicated carnivore rates rates the hip, vegan-friendly, One World Cafe', in the article "Starving Student, 'One World," animal friendly treats," by Tyler Waldman. In the article Waldman enters a world of crab less crab cakes and cheese less cheesecakes all in the name of journalism, and to his surprise, he likes it.

"One World caters to a crowd with more specific dining needs without necessarily alienating people who aren't huge fans of tofu," Waldman said. The ample menu combines everyday dishes with healthy and vegan elements. Waldman said he did not believe anyone could pull off a crab cake without adding crab. "They successfully proved me wrong," He said.

The One World Cafe' proves to be an easy choice if one has friends who avoid meat. I am a meat lover myself and I could hardly believe how something so tasty could be good for you. I did not even notice that there was no cheese in my strawberry cheesecake. It is a place that will keep everyone satisfied, no matter their preference.

'one world' picture taken from the article by Tyler Waldman
cheesecake picture taken from fatfreevegan.com


Deeteritaville said...

how can you call something with no crab a crab cake, and no cheese a cheesecake?

Melissa Hale said...

Sound tasty. I definitely want to try this place out. I think it was even mentioned in a Baltimore Sun article for places to eat on Valentine's Day.

Amber said...

I really liked your blog post. It sounds weird yet interesting. And i also liked your pictures

Rozalyn said...

Your blog was short, but sweet.

Daniel J. Gross said...

Great use of photos. I like the short, but sweet post of this restaurant. Sounds kinda nice even for non-vegan eaters.


People at The Bou are always singing about One World. I vanna see what all the fuss is about.