Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My First Feature Story: "Feast, Famine & the Female Form"

This week is national eating disorder awareness week. In order to bring light to the disease, Towson University is sponsoring a series of activities, speeches and a competitive art festival that is focused on the world's obsession with the physical form.

I will be covering two activities:

1.) A speech given by psychologist, Beth Williams-Plunkett and a Towson professor of art history, in which they will talk about the changing image of a woman's body.

2.) I will attend an art exhibit at the University union that emphasises the way a woman's body has been portrayed over the past 200 years.

The feature style I have chosen is that of a profile. The art exhibit is also a competition, I plan to do a profile of the winner. I will examine what drew the individual to create art on the subject of body image. What were their personal experiences body image. My other sources will be fellow TU students who attend the speech given by Williams-Plunkett and counselors from the Dowell health center.

Picture by Elizabeth Goddard: "Art therapy and body image."

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Did you already go to the art exhibit? I hope not.