Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Healthy TU Student: Past and Present

My goal with this beat directed toward health and college life was to bring a more holistic approach to what we view as healthy. True health goes way beyond eating your recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, it is about how you connect to the world around you. As my slide show subject, Julie Medina, put so beautifully: "[for me] health is about loving yourself and having that love influence others."

My final story is the closest to my heart. It is about a healthy Towson graduate, Norman Barzak. He loves his Nintendo wii and teaches an art class every Monday and Wednesday. He just happens to be a graduate of Towon's class of 1960. He has more life in him than many people I know that are 1/3 his age.

The ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle in your 20's is to set yourself up for a long and happy life. He is living proof of that.

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jatwater said...

Hi Jennie,
We'll talk about how you're going to connect it all together. Please see our class Web page for updates on how the next few classes will go.