Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hidden America Video: Children of the Mountains

The video I looked at was the "Hidden America: Children of the Mountains," by Diane Sawyer. It was a look at the lives of the children of rural Appalachia. The first shot was wide and set the mood of the entire segment which showed the beauty of the land and the plight of its people. The next shot zoomed in on a shack in which twelve people lived.

When Sawyer was interviewing a young Appalachian girl, Courtney, the camera would zoom in on her face, then her hands. And when she would be talking about her sleeping arrangements they would show her lying on a small, crowded bed. Most scenes would start off with wide shots and as the interview would progress and become more intimate there was smaller and more specific shots. The specific shots lined up with what Sawyer or the person she was interviewing was describing.

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