Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Students with children and the struggles they face

The idea for this story started with a conversation with a woman who's daughter is in my niece's daycare class. I noticed when I was picking up my niece that she had a Towson sweatshirt on. I told her that I attend school there and she told me of her plans to start attending in the fall. Her name is Alexandra Ciola and her one-year-old daughter's name is Jayden. She is currently supporting Jayden as a single mother while she attends Essex Community College full time.
Before having a chance to talk with her I had never considered what it would be like to juggle school with the responsibilities of a parent.
After doing some digging I set up a meeting with the head of university childcare at Towson and learned the details of a wonderful system. Daycare at Towson came out of necessity and on the wings of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Harriet Durthirt (director of university childcare) was wonderful to interview. She had so much insight on the entire program because she had been with it since its birth.
What I hoped to do with this story was give a different student perspective. Please take a moment to listen and you decide if I achieved what I set out to do.


Ambular2G said...

Good job on your story! I like how you related yourself to the source. It creates a personal connection.

Rozalyn said...

Like I told you before I think your audio story topic is great. I look forward to listening to your audio.

Melissa Hale said...

Loved the story. Your voice is soft and conversational. Definitely goes well with your beat!